New Boss !!

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New Boss !!

Post by Stirrer » Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:33 am

New Ambo boss starts Monday (taken a while) ex SA AS amongst other places, a new broom or more of the same ??.
When you get up there in the rarefied air of the S.E.S. you do as your told anyway.
The PS would be sniffing around for those sort of jobs, especially these days, they reckon they should be doing them anyway.

Cops are in line for one too aren't they ??.
The only way to not make a mistake is to do nothing.

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Re: New Boss !!

Post by johnboy » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:44 pm

Surprise BOF just didnt merge the bosses job with someone else...

Most senior and middle management jobs are under the spot light, big time.

BOF has requested his departments to save the equivalent of 10,000 "standard" job positions.
He didn't mean that 10000 jobs to go, he wants the equivalent in savings.
A lot of OT has been saved in a number of departments, but it is not enough.

So instead of getting rid of 3 'workers', the department heads are looking at getting rid of 1 SES or 1 Middle management job instead. This way BOF does not look so bad in sacking 'thousands'.
Dept heads also know that knifes in the back are thrown from their own SES or middle managers... so get rid of them and they feel 'safer'.

About 70 Inspector jobs in NSWPF are said to go as well as a number of public servants and more senior ranks when commands are combined over the next couple of years.

The PSA are currently running a campaign to protect management jobs (surprising for a Union) ... -job-cuts/

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